The Cool MoDell's  Little FAIRIES exhibit
Exclusive Photo Gallery
and Sensory Challenge
with digital docent PO Picken
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        OK, Now, here's the newest collection here at the House of the Haunted Damn Mind.  It is called Little Green Fairies. They didn't get the name right on the Marquee.  According to our source, these works were Inspired by a recent (2005) showing of the Toulouse Lautrec and Montamarte exhibit at the National Gallery of Art of which the Cool MoDell made him an artistic sojourn, (You may leave and check out this link if you are bored).  You can see here that The Cool MoDell's really got into some fairies.  Some of em are littlle cuties and again he's got em all messed up with far and gas and all.  So, after this, yall can go on, into, up, over, down, up  thar and exit through the gift shop there.  It's been my pleasure to be your digital docent here at the House of the Haunted Damn Mind ~ Web Museum.  Electric Kitchen, The Underground National Archives and Curio Center thank you for your patronage.  Bye. 

Have you got Ye some Ole Cuzz yet?


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