The Cool MoDell's
Exclusive Photo Gallery
and Sensory Challenge
with digital docent PO Picken
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   HEAR The Cool MoDell's  HOT NEW! SINGLE! MP3 - 2mb  It is time to put your collar up and nose into the air and act like a french man sniffing doggie manur'e at The Cool MoDell's collection of impossible art here at the House of the Haunted (Damned) Mind.  This new age digital artist has a tempo that is definitely off beat, his themes struggle on a wobbling highway of reality - full-tilt in a race to break the reality barrier.  He puts the beat back in the hip and the sand back in the sandals. A digital age Kerouac surfin' in on a torrent of cool ass pixels.  We are required to warn you - you may hear a sonic boom in your belief system.  I'm your Digital Docent PO Picken. 

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