GRAPHIC:  Dave O'Dell with the Chilly Wonders, Knoxville, TN

New Themed CD Compilation Southern Emotions

Singer\songwriter Dave O’Dell is a veteran of Knoxville, Tennessee's music history.  O’Dell was centric in the late 70's psycho-billy, rebel-rousing, western swing band Bull Rooker performing on Cumberland Avenue.  Later in the 80’s with an equally dynamic original band The Senders, and then in the 90’s the alternative rockabilly foursome the Tennessee KingSnakes to arrive in the millennium with the Chilly Wonders and their new CD “Southern Emotions.”  The album is a collection of original rock, rockabilly, ballads, and novelty pieces with lots of lively guitar, steel guitar, and slide guitar with a sentimental tone of southern flavor. There are rocking, rhythmic, cardiac numbers such as Alcohol Troubles in ballroom beat and a few distorted numbers like Long Way Down to “Shake up the neighborhood.”  The ballad Cherokee Blood is an inspiring conversation between a brave and his son with a flowing steel guitar and an intro and out-tro rhythm of gathering drum, his statement in tribal sound.  The CD features Memphis musician Bukka Billy York on harmonica, 6 and 12 string guitars onboard to vulcanize the sound with contrasting West Tennessee moods. Noticeable is the writing / singing style of Dave O'Dell that incorporates an iambic pentameter as in "Wound Up" churning and turning syllables into a playful corkiness.  Someone that knows O'Dell said he seems to "love all music but doesn't have any specific influences."  That is possibly key to his authenticity and rootsy signature. The production is above average for Indie with years of creativity that is deep fried, crisp, with a homegrown flavor.  

CHILLY WONDERS ARE:  acous\elec guitars, vocals, steel guitar, lap steel, and background vocals; Dave O’Dell | harmonica, elec guitar, 12 string; Bukka Billy York | bass; Chris “Moxi” Towson | drums; J Miller | percussions: Free J Warren | piano, church organ; Earl “Texas Shy” Mosely | piano, organ, & strings; Chad Pryson |  violin: Bethany Hankins | background vocals; Melanie Hayes, Peggy Towson & Dariel Rindi York. 

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                   PHOTO:  CD SOUTHERN EMOTIONS


New release mixed and mastered by Castle Acoustics Joel Fairstein


PHOTO:  Bukka Billy York in studio recording southern emotions 2009

 Bukka Billy Blues in Studio




 Chad Pryson and his Organ


 J Miller ready for stellAr action




  PHOTO: Dave O'Dell live with the Tennessee Kingsnakes 1998


PHOTO: Dave O'Dell with lap steel on the Jersey Shore 2008

 Dave O'Dell recording on the Jersey Shore OCT 08 2008
(with the founder of the Chicago Oriented Mobile Bro Party COMBP Dr. Rob Thacker)


Photo:  Joel Fairstein, Castle Acoustics, Knoxville Tn

Joel Fairstein Mix & Master Engineer SOUTHERN EMOTIONS


PHOTO: David O'Dell with the Chilly Wonders

Dave O'Dell The Ultimate Chilly Wonder


What fans are saying about Southern Emotions

All I can say is WOW!  I've always enjoyed - loved - O'Dell's inimitable style. I still have a Bullrooker cassette which is truly unique. Please let me know how to purchase a copy of the cd, and also give him a hell ya shout out from me. Thanks bro

hey Dave   I really like your new CD!

some provocative, and thoughtful- and nice sound.
Congrats heard it over Turkey Thursday.....sounds GREAT!!

Cristofe C.
The music has filled the void in my head and completed my being.

 Coooolasamuthaf_kinb_tch.... Also, it kindof has the feel of a Greatest Hits Compilation....but of course, my favorites and I'm thinking in terms of radio airplay here...Long Way Down, Highway 55 Rag, Blues The Country...... You can quote me on this...

"There is no finer piece of musical craftsmanship than Southern Emotions"

B. Casual


Thanks alot ,butthead, for telling us in advance that you would be a radio star on Wednesday. But I thought you would like to know that someone out there in the world did hear it without any prompting! That's pretty much the only station I ever listen to and every Wed. I run errands after work so I always hear the local music show on my way home. I got home earlier than usual so I could tell Shawn and we put on the ole clock radio and listened to your show. So, "Congratulations!" and now we can say we knew you when and that half of those Chilly Wonders have played at our very own house! 
Jill H


My friend... "goes on and on" about your new c.d. David.


As you may hear in the background, O'Dell has arrived in Ridgeburg. I'm on my 3d listen already - got home @ 3:30, and it just keeps gettin' better. I remember Chad and Bukka, but the others are vague memories or newbies. This first listen was a little bumpy due to Dave's rhythmic structures and lyriciszing, but MAN this thing rocks! Cherokee Blood actually brought tears to my eyes. I can't pick a favorite tune although Southern Emotion and Detroit Horse are way up there. It's simply a fun album.    Thank-you Bro, I'll cherish this.  D. Cosgrove


"The more I hear it the more I like it."  KN





 Read Jack Rentfro's  historical publication  - Cumberland Avenue Revisited



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Wound Up

Alcohol Troubles
Tailpipe Drag

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