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DAVID O'DELL THETennessEe KingSnAkes
open up a four barrel of V-8 ROCK~A~BILLY RHYTHM & BLUES.


  Forget the brakes, you can count of a crash of culture ~When the gears start whirling there's always new fans caught up in the fan belt of David O'Dell's energetic rocking rhythm with a Tennessee twist. Sitting on a powder keg of good tunes, deep in a cool southern style, with lots of guitar breaks down at the dynamite shack of Americana rock. O'Dell cast a musical act that smacks of Appalachia and has the get up and go for a trip through the south spoken in catch phase and southern prose. His music lifts the spirit and spurts new oil on the chain of ~ truly an American engine of roots rock ~ no doubt the hottest rising rocka-billy rhythm and blues band in the south, and now got it Going 0n with a sensational CD SNAKE~DANCE that registered a trip, a hoot, and a genuine HOWL on the Rockter Scale! There's cotton candy in the diesel fumes, and a little mercury in the moonshine straight out of deepest darkest East Tennessee ~ Surprises are in order, so come on along and get in on the Psycho Billy Barn Dance a-going on. 

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  WaVE toYlanD

Jimi's Grass > 2.9mb MP3

Rockin in Dixie > 2.3mb MP3

Outbound Man > 3mb MP3

Days on the Road > 3mb MP3

Hot Dog > 3.6mb MP3

Breakdown in Eden > 3mb MP3

Toy of Emotion > 3.7mb MP3

Chickentown > 5.1mb MP3

Lil Country Thing > 2.6mb MP3

Meet Me in Paradise > 2mb MP3

Hellion Slumber > 560kb wav>

VORTEX > 530kb wav

  • "Snake Dance is less predictable and more innovative than most in the
  • southern rock genre." METROPULSE!
  • "Rocking roots with imagination." Bill York WEVL, Memphis
  • "Totally original and lots of unexpected turns on that CD." Johnathan Knoxville
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  • Chickentown Records


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