Got to have me SOM-O-THAT OLE CUZZ!

OFFBEAT Compilations ~ IGNO-PAKs!


Item 13) IGNO-PAK Volume 1)

The original O'Dell Hotel National Archives "Igno-Pak" Volume 1 includes 6 rare cassettes. Whether you are a killer of your television or a brave troller of the depths of human intellectuality, you will find yourself in a new 5th dimension, rich in strange sensations. YOU GET:
Hotel After Hours, The Sicko-Sonic Sampler, Butch Sessions, Dan & Steve, Ripple, and THE BITCH! It's fringe element fanta-re'al uplifting for some, deeply distressing for others........$50.00.

WARNING: Adults Only.





Item #14)

THE TREASURY ~ U.N.A. from The O'Dell Hotel Days

This master volume is dedicated to hard core cult fans, the dedicated heads in the Ga Ga Underground. No longer restricted to the lysol sippin crowd, you too may deal in hyper silly audial experiments at home, until banned. "There is an indication of a problem in the main fuse panel of society - listening to these torchered, abnormal skits and docu-fictorial malarky. (quote furnished by Ole Cuzz's hired nerd...what does he know?). 12 classic cult favorites in a "whole enchilado-esque" master compilation will git ye ready for a reality axis laser re-alignment.

12 cassettes ~ Free Catalouge.........$100.00





Item #15)


True South Louisiana Hoo Doo Poster. Discovered in the Morgan City, LA phone book. POSTER 8 X 10" $4.00







Item # 16)

You asked for them and they are back, back to make your rear view smell putty goood. Circa 70's musk-scent car air freshener.....$5.00 each.

Please, limit (1) per customer.









Item #17)

Out of lower Louisiana comes the inspriation for this exciting game & action set Doc Gotreaux's Black MaJic Set. Here is your kit to begin your journey into black magic and altered states. You get one untamed mojo bag, a Dakota Witches Wand and sack of sun bleached throw bones, assorted Voodoo charms, thrice blessed by Preist dice and curse ball. Thats not all... you also get recipes for ready made non-satanic curses. Have you tried a Lemon Standby? It works!...(Kit) .......$45.00.

WARNING: VooDoo curses occasionally reverse. See HooDoo.