Can you dig it?

Warning: Some of these Gods are "mighty fine."

Bodhisattiva Avalokiteshvara 8th-9th Century Sri Lanka

"Handlin' the DEAL!"





Shiva Nataraja 11th-12th Cent A.D. "Swangin"







Buddha 750-850 AD"I believe he gay"






Buddha 750-850 AD"Coppin' a squat in bronze."






Goddess "Tara"7th-8th Cent A.D.






Photo Taken: Capital Reef National Park, Utah 1995

UnKnown Goony God with Guy Begging for life


HISTORY: These priceless objects discovered on the island nation of Sri Lanka bear epic legends that are the basis for Hinduism at their place in time. However, much cannot be discussed without getting into a lot of bla bla blu blo ukka boo boo junk that is too hard to understand. Historically speaking; This may be the first historical records concerning some of these dieties being sooooo FiiiiiNE! Except for that sweet boy - he a punk.

NOTE: If you feel guilty for being amused by Buddha-Rama's jerky western attitude on eastern gods, well... don't worry about it. This bunch would probably eat your god for breakfast if they had a chance. Bet that.